Dog Kennels

Our design features NO rivets inside the crate except for the door, molded top and bottom pan made to shed water and for easier cleaning with a more professional all-around look! Durable bolt together design for inexpensive shipping! We can create custom crates just for you.

Our crates are extremely durable and made with 16GA aluminum. Each crate offers a strong aluminum interior frame that allows for the product to be light weight and durable. From single units, dog trailers, double units and much more, we can accompany all of your crate needs. Check us out on Facebook to see all of our options and latest projects!



Practically endless color options, click the links below to find what fits your needs:
* Extra surcharge as these colors are a two-step color process

  • Any crate that is smaller than or up to 30'' L x 24'' W x 24'' Tall - call us for price
  • Any crate between 30'' L x 24'' W x 24'' T and the Standard size; 36'' x 24'' W x 28'' T is $510
  • Any crate in between 36'' L x 24'' W x 28'' T and a maximum of 46'' L x 28'' W x 35'' T is $585
  • Any crate in between 46'' L x 28'' W x 35'' T - 48'' L x 28'' W x 40'' T is $610
  • Any crate longer than the 46'' L x 28 '' W x 35'' T - call us for price
When it comes to your crate you want it to look great, keep your dog safe, fit your needs and price range. TNC Fabricating can help you achieve that goal. With all of our custom crates, you will have a safe durable crate. If you do not see what you want, Call us today! We are fully custom, you name your size!  
Free Options:
  • Top fully vented or solid
  • Sides fully vented, half vented, or solid
  • Vent style, slants or ovals
  • Door venting style
  • Fan mounts
  • Interior bucket hooks
  • Color choice
Fee-Based Options:
  • Double Latch $25
  • Lifting handles, $15 each
  • Airline rub rails $50
  • Additional door $100
  • Tie down hooks $5 each
  • Heavy duty wheel kit $100
  • Pull out trays $75